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Santa's Take Off - 3d animation with copy space

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Toys for Tot

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Futuristic spacelab, alien ship or military craft in deep space

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Mother and little daughter decorate a Christmas tree

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Red sale tags hanging against wood with festive border

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Closeup of happy young woman weighing self on scales

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jogging guy - blood vessels

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Building Up Modern Living Room Bedroom

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новогодняя ель

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Humming bird, beautiful 3d animation

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огни  рождества

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ice on frozen window texture with snowflakes for background

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2015 Animation (Frohes neues Jahr)

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sunrise Mt.Fuji

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Health Supplement Drinking Close Up

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Roasted Peanuts in Glass Jar Dolly

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De focused, bokeh or blur candle lighting abstract Background.

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Sagrada Familia. Sun light  passes through the stained glass

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Skyline of Sydney

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Candles light, black background.

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new year 2014 (+4 different background)

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Statistics for business reports and presentations

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3d arrow and statistics for business reports and presentations

53856398 Video

Animation of an arrow illustrating loss and gain of a business

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Santa's Take Off - 3d animated short film

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