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How to use the Fotolia API

Method: user/createUser

This method allows to create a Fotolia User Account


This method does not require authentication.

HTTP method

This method is called with HTTP method POST.


Argument Type Valid Values Default Value Detail
user_data[login] string any non already used string from 3 to 16 characters
user_data[password] string any string from 3 to 16 characters
user_data[email] string any valid email address
user_data[display_name] string If empty, login will be used User's alias (for contributors)
user_data[firstname] string User's first name
user_data[lastname] string User's last name
user_data[address] string User's address
user_data[city] string User's city
user_data[zipcode] string User's ZIP code
user_data[country_id] string See getCountries User's country
user_data[phone] string User's phone number
user_data[company] string User's company if any
user_data[newsletter] int 0 or 1 1 Fotolia newsletter subscription flag

Returned Values

Element (path) Name Type Description
/ int member ID of the created user

Example Query

POST /Rest/1/user/signup HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic <base64 encoded version of 'APIKEY:SESSION_TOKEN' string (without the quotes)>
Host: api.fotolia.com
Content-Length: 140
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


Example Response


Error Codes

001: Service currently unavailable
The requested service is temporarily unavailable.
002: Failed to parse request
The request could not be parsed.
010: Missing API Key
The API key passed is missing.
011: Invalid API Key
The API key passed is not valid or has expired.
031: Invalid Method
This method does not exist in the method list.
032: Method not Available
This method is not available for this API Key.
6011: Invalid email address
You need to check the email address to make sure it's valid
6007: invalid data
One of the given field contains invalid data
6008: Login already exists
Login already in use, you need to send another one