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How to use the Fotolia API

Method: user/getUserStats

This methods returns statistics for logged user.


This method requires authentication with a valid session token.

HTTP method

This method is called with HTTP method GET.


Argument Type Valid Values Default Value Detail

Returned Values

Element (path) Name Type Description
/ nb_media_uploaded int number of uploaded media
/ nb_media_accepted int number of accepted media
/ nb_media_purchased int number of purchased media
/ nb_media_sold int number of sold media
/ ranking_absolute int absolute ranking ( top sellers ever)
/ ranking_relative int relative ranking ( top seller in 7 days)

Example Query

GET http://API_KEY:SESSION_TOKEN@api.fotolia.com/Rest/1/user/getUserStats

Example Response


Error Codes

001: Service currently unavailable
The requested service is temporarily unavailable.
002: Failed to parse request
The request could not be parsed.
010: Missing API Key
The API key passed is missing.
011: Invalid API Key
The API key passed is not valid or has expired.
020: Missing Session Token
The session token passed is missing. A valid session token is needed to access this method
021: Invalid Session Token
The session token passed is not valid. Please login to get a valid session token.
031: Invalid Method
This method does not exist in the method list.
032: Method not Available
This method is not available for this API Key.